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a clients original pool

An oasis of calm

Water is essential to life, and water features bring garden landscapes to life with light, movement, reflection and sound. Water features create an aural and visual focal point: an oasis that satisfies the eye’s hunger for beauty and exudes a feeling of calm.


Ponds are fantastic as habitats for fish and other pond life, they can be exciting and educational.

Expert design

An array of water features exist that can be incorporated into your garden design. In all our projects, Acacia offer a personal service committed to your tastes and needs. Our professional team will be pleased to discuss the range of options that are available to you.

For enquiries relating to water features please call Acacia on:

07462 889 387

Some of our best features

• Design and construction of water features

• Quality products sourced from trusted suppliers

• A family run business

• Incredible value, competitive rates

A little extra

Water features are just one amongst a plethora of hard landscaping features that can be used to add structure, line and movement to your garden. Acacia offers a full hard landscaping service, from pathways to pergolas.

a pond with water features a small garden pond

Our client’s original pond

Our client’s new pond, newly planted.

Our client’s new pond after one year to mature

a pond surrounded by rocks and gravel a large lake