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Creating shape and structure

Hard landscaping is the design and situation of features that provide form and structure to a landscape and on which the softer elements can perform. From patios to pergolas, fountains to fencing - Acacia provide a complete hard landscaping service. Care and professionalism  is demonstrated throughout each landscaping project, from conception to completion by our

dedicated team.


Typical projects include: paved areas and patios; garden walling; pathways; timber decking; sculptures; stone features; ponds and water features; pergolas and fencing.

Adding a splash of colour

The task of softening the landscape is left to flora, be it delicate flowers or towering trees. Once the hard landscaping features have created a structure, the options are endless when it comes to filling the space with colours, scents, and beautiful life.  

For enquiries relating to hard landscaping services, please call Acacia on:

0746 288 9387

Professional expert design

• Hard landscaping to provide structure to your garden

• Full costs of services quoted up front

• Dedicated professional landscaping team

• Creating a beautiful space for you to love

Just the start...

Access to a beautifully designed exterior space can enhance your quality of life. Acacia provides a complete garden design and makeover service, building upon a foundation of expertly laid hard landscaping to create a garden to cherish every moment in.  

bricked driveway A newly laid driveway newly planted flower bed in half sunlight a gravel drive stone garden walling with lawned area