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Beautiful and practical

Gardens are our passion and we love to create private worlds of wonder for you to enjoy. We understand that there are many reasons you may need a garden makeover, from a young couple starting a family who desire a perfect place for the children to play on long summer afternoons to a recently retired couple looking for a low maintenance masterpiece.


Acacia pride ourselves on our expertise and creativity: combining practicality with intricately beautiful design we will give you a garden that looks fantastic and is perfectly suited to your needs and specifications.

We do it your way

From planting ideas to full landscaping, at Acacia we approach every project with complete professionalism. We will work closely with you from the outset to ensure your individual needs are catered to.

For enquiries relating to garden design and makeovers, please call Acacia on:

07462 889 387

We promise...

• Skilled and experienced garden design team

• Practical and creative landscaping

• We will take the time to understand you

• Care and professionalism from conception to completion

Fantastic features

A freshly turfed lawn can breathe new life into your garden. It’ll look so good you’ll want to run outside barefoot and bury your toes in its lush greenness. A new water feature often makes a pleasing focal point.

a brick well a long garden path